New! The July 2011 Contest Editor’s Choices!

Although, the July 2011 Contest editor’s choices include an array of artworks that have little in common, they all won the hearts of the 9 Fountains team and that’s why we’ll be adding them to our expanding collection of graphic tees. Representing the animal kingdom, we have a mouse in a pocket and a penguin keeping warm in a stroke of genius. Also, if you’ve ever wished to be a superhero or the captain of a ship, you may indulge your fantasies with one of the tees below. And last but not least, we reckon having your ABCs on your chest would be a great help in the event that you’re made to do an alphabet sobriety test, no?

Artist’s Pocket by Kim Asuncion

KEEPS YOU WARM by Anwar Rafiee

Untitled Hero by Alfie Bocabel

The Captain’s Head by Zosimo Dabucol III

Written in the Stars by Jan Cortez

These are now available on 9 Fountains. Check them out!

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