New Year, New Tees, New Website!

It’s out with the old and in with the new as gears up to greet the new year with some spiffing upgrades!

1) Tee Upgrade

This is a big one. We have upgraded all of tees to a new super-premium fabric with an enhanced cut/fit. These babies are simply amazing and mark the culminations of months of development. The fabric is a slightly lighter 145 gsm premium cotton with a washed finish. Incredibly soft, and an awesome fit. The tee upgrade marks the biggest change at 9 Fountains, one that we believe separates us from our competitors in terms of quality. You will notice that the price has also been increased to reflect the increase in production costs, but we hope our introductory sale will encourage you to try them and see for yourself just how worth it the new tees are.

The garments also come in a new colours: white, black, charcoal grey, blue bell, navy, tan and yellow. Additionally, we now have a new size available: XS. This is great for ladies wanting to purchase the crew neck style tee or for the smaller gents out there.

2) Ladies Racer Tanks

Another big change at 9 Fountains is the introduction of ladies racer tank tops. The same new fabric as above, a super cool cut, this one’s for you ladies.

3) New Site Visuals

The most obvious change on is the use of bigger images! In addition to viewing a slick new home page banner, users can now hover over thumbnails with their cursors to view magnified shots of designs, displaying finer details that would would have otherwise been missed.

We’ve also updated the individual product pages to give users a simplified and better view of the design submissions and tees for sale.

4) New Voting Format

There is also now a new system in place to speed up the voting process. Instead of the old method of rating a t-shirt out of 5 stars, all users have to do now is “VOTE FOR” a shirt to pledge your support for it. The simplified format should cut down on the “gaming” issues we saw in the past (in which some users would “vote up” their design and “vote down” the competition). We have also added more functionality to the voting and now show how many days are left to vote for each design as well as adding the ability to share your vote via social media.

5) Voting on Thumbnails

For the power users out there who prefer to quickly brows and vote, you can now vote directly from the thumbnails in the main voting gallery. We love this feature in combination with the mouse-over thumbnails and as it enable users to vote for designs more quickly. Of course we still encourage users to click on the thumbnail image to read more about it, but if you are looking to browse through all the submissions and quickly vote on a few that tickle your fancy, this feature’s for you.

5) New submission format, New Submission Kit, New Colours

With the bigger images, comes a change in image size requirements during artwork submissions so artists take note! The thumbnail image will remain the same at 190px x 190px but the larger image now becomes 725px x 465px. This will allow artists a bit more room to play with. All previous submissions will remain unaltered, so have no fear if you have submitted previously.

We have updated the Submission Template files to reflect the new format and have also include our or new t-shirt colours: white, black, charcoal grey, blue bell, navy, tan and yellow.

6) New Comment System

We’ve implemented the new comment system awhile back but we just thought we’d let you know about it again. Users can now ‘Like’ other users’ comments as well as reply directly to specific comments. Start or join a conversation today!

5) Easy Navigation

With out new footer, users can now find links to important information, such as sizing, shipping and submission guidelines, as well as links to the 9 Fountains Twitter and Facebook pages.

SO it’s a lot to take in and we are far from done. In addition to these changes, we are also working on further upgrades to the Submission and checkout UI which will be introduced incrementally in the coming weeks. So stay tuned.

In the mean time, check out our new and improved website and let us know your thoughts by leaving a comment below!

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