Artist of the Week – Dandingeroz aka Dan Elijah Fajardo

This week’s Artist of the Week feature is Dan Elijah Fajardo, or dandingeroz as he is known in the 9 Fountains community. Dan has a unique child-like attitude towards art that spurs him to create beautiful pieces centred around fantasy and science fiction. This can be seen in his  submission for our December 2011 contest, Nikita, which was chosen for an Editor’s Choice Award. We caught up with Dan for a short chat to find out a little more about him.

9F: First of all, can you please tell us how you feel about being the Editor’s Choice winner of the Dec 2011 contest?

DF: I was really happy with my design. It was just a mere submission on my part. I just wanted to get some exposure, just to see how my design would hold up in the competition. I’m blessed to be doing what I love and being recognised by the 9 Fountains community is just the cherry on the icing.

9F: Please tell us more about yourself. (What is your real name? Where are you from? How old are you? etc.)

DF: My name is Dan Elijah G. Fajardo. I’m from in Manila, Philippines. I’ll be 26 this year.

9F: Please tell us about your design background. (Where did you study? What did you study? Where are you working now? etc.)

DF: I graduated at Far Eastern University taking up Bachelor of Fine Arts Major in Advertising. Now I am a Senior Graphic Artist in a design studio based here in Manila.

9F: Tell us a bit more about your creation, Who or what inspired you to create this winning design?

DF: I’m often amazed by fantasy… Dreams, childhood memories, space, stars etc. are all forms of inspiration for me, and I wanted to do something based on all those concepts, something dreamy yet exciting.

9F: What techniques/media did you use to create your work?

DF: I first made a pencil drawing in my sketchpad, then did the coloring and final touches on Adobe Photoshop.

9F: What is your design philosophy?


9F: Who is your favorite artist, and why?

DF: I can’t really pinpoint just one. I’d have to say Juan Luna, Andy warhol and Banksy are all unique in their own ways and I’m drawn mostly to their work.

9F: Sum up your personal design style in 3 words.


You may view more of Dan’s designs at his portfolio.

Tee of the Week – Nikita by Dandingeroz

Dan’s unique design won the Editor’s Choice Award for our December 2011 contest and is our Tee of the Week. Available for the next 7 days only at $30.00 (Usual $49.00). Get yours here.

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One Response to Artist of the Week – Dandingeroz aka Dan Elijah Fajardo

  1. Jay Maninang says:

    congrats Dan!

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