Artist of the Week – Dylovastuff aka Agus Riyanto

This week, we feature 9 Fountains veteran, Mr. Agus Riyanto. Agus’ designs are smart, colourful, bold and witty. And as if this Indonesian artist wasn’t already talented enough, the guy is also a highly sought-after muralist! We caught up with Agus for a chat:

9F: First of all, can you please tell us how you feel about being the 2nd runner-up of the Dec 2011 contest?

AR: I can’t say much except that I’m really shocked. Thank you 9 Fountains for choosing my design to win!

9F: Please tell us more about yourself. (What is your real name? Where are you from? How old are you? etc.)

AR: My name is Agus Riyanto, 31 years of age and I live in Jepara Bumi Kartini, Indonesia

9F: Please tell us about your design background. (Where did you study? What did you study? Where are you working now? etc.)

AR: I’m currently working in my own ministudio for art prints & clothing. I also do some freelancer designs for my clients. I like vector art ,typeface ,typhographic style, logos,

9F: Tell us a bit more about your creation, Who or what inspired you to create this winning design?

AR: My concept was totally inspired from my favourite artist: yoga aka. machine56. His work is absolutely breathtaking and his attention to detail is top notch quality. I also enjoy music very much, so doing something futuristic was my main aim.

9F: What techniques/media did you use to create your work?

AR: Most of the artwork was done using Coreldraw X3, the rest was just based on my creativity.

9F: What is your design philosophy?

AR: may the vector be with you….do something as u like and enjoy ur work!

9F: Who is your favorite artist, and why?

AR: machine 56, hydro74, palehorse, and many indonesian graphic tee artists.

9F: Sum up your personal design style in 3 words.

AR: Vector, Freestyle, Digital

You can see more of Agus’ works at the following links:

Tee of the Week – Mechanicalrobotic by Dylovastuff

Agus, with his funky style of design caught the eyes of our judges with his submission “Mechanicalrobotic” which won 3rd place in our Jan 2012 contest. This design is our tee of the week and is going at $30.00 (Usual $49.00). Get yours here.

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