Artist of the Week — Kittozutto

This week we present to you Kittozutto, an art and design collective whose work conjures up impressions of a vivid and fluid dream scape. Their representation of the subconscious is sometimes gritty, and often complex and multi-dimensional. Kittozutto combines fine art illustration with digital imaging techniques, and the highly detailed results are often best seen in large formats.

We caught up with Kittozutto to find out more about this mysterious team.

9F: Where do you get your inspiration from?

K: Our illustrations are often inspired by woman, fluids and nature.

9F: Who is your favourite artist or designer?

K: We have too many whose works we admire, from the likes of Richard Philips, Dali, Nicola Verlato, to Mark Ryden, Sorayama, James Jean etc and ended up hard to define a favourite.

9F: What are you listening to on your iPod/MP3?

K: Radiohead to Lamb of God

9F: What’s your favourite design blog/website?

K: A combination of QBN, Surfstation, Beautiful/Decay and SeptemberIndustry.

9F: What would you change about the art and design scene in Singapore?

K: We wish that art and design culture would be a way of life as much as places like Japan and the UK.

9F: Sum up your design style in 3 words.

K: Realising our thoughts.

Click on the image below to check out Kittozutto’s tee on 9 Fountains.

Kittozutto can also be found on Behance. Check them out today!

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